About Us

Meet Jamal Carter, CEO and Founder of "HVNGRY". Jamal is a young 19-year old entrepreneur from Woodbridge, VA. He is currently a sophomore, pursuing his bachelor's degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing.  Being inspired by Malike Jarret, Jamal wanted to leave his own mark on his city.  From many inspirations he created Humility, Vnfolds, Nonchalant, Gleeful, Relentless, Youngins (HVNGRY).  With this vision, Jamal wants to inspire young hungry individuals to achieve their goals and aspirations in life.  He wants the youth to understand you can do anything in life as long as you keep your best foot forward and don't look back!  As he says "HVNGRY" isn't just a motto, it's a lifestyle." #HVNGRY4L